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Gram Swaraj abhiyan

Awareness Program on Energy Conservation & Energy Efficiency under “Gram Swaraj Abhiyan “
The KREDL mobile exhibition van / demo vehicle fitted with the solar water heater, cooker, LED garden light, LED home light, LED street light, solar water pump was also deputed to create awareness.
The video and audio clips were played on television fitted in the demo vehicle on Energy Conservation, use of LED bulbs, BEE star label equipments, etc, to create awareness among the school children and farmers in the villages. The posters containing the tips on Energy/ fuel conservation/best practices of mounting pump and usage of star rated pumps etc., were pasted on Panchayat offices and schools. Banners displayed during the Abhiyan.
Brochure, pamphlets on Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency were distributed to the villagers and students. During this Abhiyan awareness created on the following-
Need for energy conservation
Difference between energy conservation & energy efficiency
Tips on energy conservation
Use of LED bulbs in households & for street lighting
Efficient use of energy
Benefits of use of BEE star labelled equipments
Use of Renewable Energy
As the energy use in agriculture is primarily for irrigation or pumping out of water and for other operations, the farmers were educated on following.
The farmers were educated to replace the conventional pump sets with BEE 5 or 4 star rated pump sets as there is a potential of about 25% - 30% improvement in efficiency.
Selection of proper size of suction & delivery pipes based on the quantum of water available in the Bore well was explained to the farmers to avoid unnecessary wastage of energy
The farmers were educated about the use of ISI marked Foot valve
The farmers were educated about the best practices in maintaining agricultural requirements like Tractors, motors, etc.
The villagers were educated regarding avoiding of wastage of electricity, when not in use, duly turning off electrical appliances/equipments in the household and Street lights
The awareness created on the usage of Energy Efficient LED lighting fixtures and energy savings potential of LED lights comparing with Compact Fluorescent Lamps & Incandescent Bulbs
The villagers and students were educated about the use of BEE Star labelled equipments and their energy consumption pattern
During the Gram Swaraj Abhiyan, the farmers shown their interest and they appreciated this kind of Abhiyan. The framers/villagers were encouraged to ask questions on the Energy conservation and Energy efficiency to get their doubts clarified. The conventional bulbs existing in Panchayat offices were replaced with the LED bulbs to demonstrate the use of LED bulbs.
The most of the farmers are busy in farming till evening, so the school children were targeted to create awareness on Energy Conservation & efficiency during the day time. As part of the awareness program the Quiz programs were conducted to the students in the schools on Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency and LED bulbs were distributed to the winners to promote energy conservation. Some of the conventional bulbs existing in schools were replaced with the LED bulbs to demonstrate the use of LED
The details of villages and schools covered during the Abhiyan are as follows.
Sl. No Name of the Districct Name of the Village Campaign conducted at
1 Raichur Bijangera Village & school
2 Baidoddi Village & school
3 Yadgir Singanodi Village & school
4 Ganapura, Gopalapura and Mundaraga Villages
5 Ramasamudhra Village & school
Arakera Village & school
Awareness Program on Energy Conservation & Energy Efficiency under “Gram Swaraj Abhiyan “

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